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Yes, it's that time to reflect.
Usually I do this while the turkey is roasting, but for the first time in over 20 years, I'm not making Thanksgiving dinner. I feel a bit lost, with nothing in the oven or on the stove. The husband says I should enjoy "not making yourself crazy cooking." I'm not sure I can be thankful about no feast, no leftovers, no happily overstuffed and satiated family members fighting over leftovers - yes, holiday cooking makes me crazy, but I love it.

But I am thankful for: My husband, who gives me perfect moments, usually without nougat
My #1 daughter, who still surprises me and makes me proud and is the best thing I've ever produced
The other daughters, who give me love and questions to answer
Gardening and farmers markets, and Trader Joe's, and Fowler's Mill
Doctor Who
Places online where I can read and write and discuss and comment and laugh and cry and get upset and rant (these places are not Facebook)
My weird walkable neighborhood
A continuing sense of wonder about the universe, which makes life worth living even when it's pain-filled and frustrating

and this.


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