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 Once upon a time I had a daughter. Then I accumulated many more.
I had to make rules, for these were kids who mostly didn't have rules, and needed rules, for my sanity and their protection - no one ever really got thrown down the stairs, no matter how often I threatened. 
A few years ago, I started writing down the rules, and the reasoning behind them, because I saw an abhorrent lack of  common courtesy and common sense in the kids reaching adulthood today, and thought,
"Somebody should tell 'em"  and my tricky brain answered back "Why not you?" 
Then my husband started encouraging. Have you ever had a husband who's terrible at subtlety attempt gentle coercement? Sometimes it can be funny to watch. 
So I wrote this book.
More like a pamphlet, truth be told; I had pictured it as something to tuck into a pocket, like those saddlestitched pebbled leather notebooks men carried in the early 20th century. But the magic of technology bypasses physical publishing, and it can still be tucked into a pocket, as long as your pocket is big enough to hold your Kindle, phone, or tablet.

All this blathering is to announce: My first book is out!

If you know teens or young adults who need a dose of reality, if you know someone who need a mama to answer questions without pabulum, if you know a parent who could use some advice and a laugh, this book can help. 

[I really want to write a compelling introduction that makes you want to read this book. I have crappy coffee and have been out of allergy medicine for 3 days. It's all I can do to keep typing.]

Here's where you can get it:

Mama Mary's Rules for Daughters: Advice & Guidance For Becoming A Responsible Adult: Mary Casey Walsh: Kindle Store

It's only $1.99 (US), or the equivalent in world currency. Hey, Canadians and some Europeans can get a bargain!  Thanks for your consideration.
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