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 Well, I'm usually doing this while the turkey is in the oven. but this year again there is no feast to be prepared.
The family has no interest in making a place for me; I have no interest in forcing them to; therefore, no Thanksgiving dinner to prepare.
I should be thankful about that. I have an entire list of things I should be thankful for. It's snarky and nasty and mean-spirited, just like the start of the holiday season. Things like, I should be thankful I don't have to cook. Trouble is, I like cooking. I like making occasional feasts. I like having family and friends gathered around the table eating good wholesome foods I've prepared. So rather than dwell on my dead mother's voice in my head telling me what I should be thankful for, I'll just do a list of what I am still thankful for.
I am still thankful for the husband, who loves me. 
I am still thankful that I can still "walk, sit and stand."
I am still thankful that my medication doesn't zombify me.
I am still thankful for the possibility of spring.
I am still thankful for things that make me laugh.
I am still thankful for the Internet.
I am still thankful for chocolate and coffee.
I am still thankful for what I have, comparatively. It could be so much worse.
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