Apr. 11th, 2011

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Saturday: killing things. Today: growing things.

Saturday was Old School Sinema's Zombie Walk in Lakewood. I spent 4 hours making zombies for fun and charity, and John filmed the whole thing (everybody, not just me. Sometime in the future we'll post a cute little video.) I really love making ugly gory things. The red staining my hands from blood and scab is almost all off.

Today, I got out to the garden plot behind the apartment & sowed the first seeds of the year - salad greens. I also pruned the blackberry bush & cleaned out the strawberry patch. I can't wait for June and the first fresh fruit. There is nothing like that first bite of a sweet juicy organic strawberry - especially if you have managed to thwart the bakery's fat squirrel who thinks the garden is planted for his enjoyment.

A friend's post today sparked a memory.
I am 7 years old, and playing "Born Free" over and over on the piano. (The reason I'm playing it over and over is that since seeing the movie, I've loved this song, and I bought the sheet music with my allowance money & talked the piano teacher into including it in the lesson. I memorized it after a week.) I can let my fingers play this song, and I can secretly read a hand-me-down Kay Tracy paperback. (I've always loved reading, I read all the time, and would sneak books everywhere.) My mother yells down, "Don't you know any other songs?" I ignore her, because I'm busy figuring out the secret of the ibis feather.


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