Mar. 30th, 2012

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There seems to be a unanimous acclaim for the movie, with the usual "the book is better" contingent (Yeah, I'm usually one of those.) with two exceptions, both concerned with one thing: race.

It's funny to me when people get upset about casting decisions that, in their mind, "betray" the source material, whether it's a book, a comic, or TV or movie. C'mon, people, it's Hollywood! What did you expect?

Also, with books, we create very specific images in our heads as we read. Your head canon is unique to you - it's your head, after all - and just to get an extreme example of this, go to any fan site for a book series and look at a fantasy casting thread.* Two camps of casting critics have sprung up and become vocal, and they come from opposite ends of the fanatic spectrum.

First, there are the obvious racists that object to pretty much any non-whites being cast. This is patently stupid, because to deny that there are humans with different melanin levels is stupid. I'm not even going to address it further.

The other camp is more interesting. These are the ones who feel Katniss especially was miscast, because Jennifer Lawrence is too white and the opportunity to play up the miners vs. townies, poor vs. middle class was lost. Although they have a valid point, once again, remember Hollywood? They don't want anyone "too ethnic" in a leading role, lest they offend (and lose dollars). And films with a message (or too much integrity) aren't as attractive as a cute chick in an action movie.

I haven't seen the movie yet, but from the clips, reviews, and interviews, it seems that the movie was about as faithful to the original as Hollywood could make it. Whatever its flaws, the fact that it's a blockbuster heartens me. I'm glad there's a popular movie, perhaps the first of a series, with a strong, independent young female lead. For a mother of daughters, it washes the taste of Twilight out of my mouth.

* No one appreciates my suggestion that Miranda Hart would make a great Sybil Vimes.


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