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I MUST go see this. It opens August 12th at the Cedar Lee. A film by Penn Jillette, made to offend.
We had a "Family Event" at mom's home yesterday; we all went. She's adjusting, inch by inch. I think my honesty with her on Tuesday may have sank in, a little bit.
Did some de-constructing yesterday, pulling off really flammable paper-backed wallpaper from walls at the House. Unfortunately, it also exposed some really bad examples of "set building." Now, you'd think if 2 pieces of wood don't fit properly, you'd either a) find pieces that did fit or b) cut the pieces to fit. I wouldn't have thought of c) take a really thin piece of irregularly shaped plywood and screw it into the pieces of wood to cover the bad join then cover said plywood with 3 or 4 layers of wallpaper and glue. I'm not even going to discuss the sawz-all wounds.
Tonight I go to see a band with John. Almost like a date night. Woohoo!
But first, another trip across town to Mad Science to get supplies. I have 8 shows in 6 days next week, scattered all over Northeast Ohio. I will truly hate all children at the end of it. Maybe that's when I should drag John out to see "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory," which I intend on seeing. I haven't seen most of the movies this year I intended on seeing, so we'll see.
And tangentially on the subject of fantasy literature, I want to read the newest Harry Potter book. I don't believe this makes me a dork. Although the dorks in my life* will debate this.
*I ain't naming names (coughdaughter&future s-i-lcough)...


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